Xerox Workcentre C2424 Drivers For Windows Mac

Wi-Fi Direct is disabled by default. Electrical Safety If the power cord is damaged or insulated wires are exposed, contact your local Fuji Xerox representative for its replacement. Cleaning The Printer Cleaning the Printer This section describes how to clean the printer in order to maintain it in good condition and print clean printouts all the time. To specify the image compression level. Bead-carry-out bco Select the value close to the altitude of the location where the printer is installed.

Contact your local Fuji Xerox representative for more information. Xerox copy centre workcentre quick reference guide c, m, intel 855gme video driver mi pages.

Selecting Printing Options A list of available printers appears. Select Panel Settings, and then press the button. Page Insert the cleaning rod fully into the hole beside the arrow on the printer until its tip reaches the interior of the printer as illustrated below, and then pull it out. Suppresses the background of the original to enhance text on the scanned image.

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Supply Setting Function Toner cartridge Toner Saving Mode in This check box allows the users to select a print mode the Graphics tab of the that uses less toner. Page To select a new paper size, type, or color, touch the current setting, then select a new setting. If you spill a large volume of toner, contact your local Xerox representative. Text Suitable for documents with text.

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Page You can use the Contrast feature to adjust the variation between light and dark areas of the image. Industry Healthcare Insurance Government Retail. Select No or Yes, and then press the button. From the Contacts list, select the shared folder. Touch Forget This Network.

Usage Analysis Tool for Xerox Printers. Load the original document on the document glass or into the duplex automatic document feeder. Try the Preview function to see if that works.

For Job Type, select Sample Set. Pull the toner cartridge out.

Panel Lock Function Panel Lock Function This feature prevents unauthorized users from changing settings made by the administrator. Repeat the same procedure for the other three holes. Select your printer, then open the print driver. The paper guides in the trays Reset the paper tray guides. You can view the status of the paper trays, billing and supplies information, and print Information Pages.

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WorkCentre c Software Installer Package. Click Installing Drivers and Software. So you just go straight to xeroxdriversoftware.

Adjust the length and width guides to fit the paper. Quick Use Guide Description. Connecting this machine to an unauthorized jack can damage telephone company equipment. Note For Macintosh, to print portrait text and images in landscape orientation, clear the Auto Rotate check box.

Configure the Wi-Fi settings from the front panel or the embedded web server if connected via ethernet. Supply Status Use of non-Xerox supplies is not recommended. However, you can use settings for individual print jobs using the print driver. Page Lift and open the scanner. This tool allows system administrators to automatically track printer usage and obtain job accounting records.

WorkCentre C2424

Contact your local Xerox representative for details. Xerox Global Print Driver.

About Use the Resets option to reset device settings and font, forms, and macros to the factory-default settings. The printer is connected to an uninterruptible Power off the printer, then connect the power power supply.

Does not automatically adjust color registration. Select Defaults Settings, and then press the button. Coverage could vary outside these areas. Follow the onscreen instructions.

To add a recipient, in the Fax window, click the Recipients tab, then click the Add Recipient icon. If the er- ror persists, contact your Xerox representative. Follow the step below to set the initial settings.

Select the desired printing options from the menus and drop-down lists that are displayed. Consumable Never throw a toner cartridge into an open flame. Return any unused label sheets to the original packaging and reseal it. Page Power off the printer, confirm that the power cord is plugged in correctly to the printer and the outlet, then power on the printer. In your print driver's Properties dialog box, click the Configuration tab and then click About.

MaiLinx allows printing to one or more Xerox printers over the internet directly from Windows applications. When you print booklets using the Windows PostScript or Macintosh driver, you can specify the gutter and creep. This will give you the best experience of printing from Windows Programs.

Copy And Scan Problems Clean all glass surfaces with a lint-free cloth. Load envelopes in the trays with the flaps closed, flap-side down, and the short edge leading into the printer. It is an easy-to-use, searchable online help. Partners Become a partner. Pulling on a secured adapter can damage it.

Click the Apply New Settings button. Fax Problems For details, refer to Color Registration. Page - Load envelopes with the print-side up, flaps open and down, and the bottom of the envelope going into the printer. Page Check if the interface cable is securely connected.

Using paper of the wrong size, thickness, or Use only Xerox approved paper. To cancel a job, touch Cancel Job. To start the scan, touch Send. Page For envelopes to print correctly, load envelopes with the flaps open. The discharge phenomenon for charging the photo conductor varies with barometric pressure.