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These keys are very responsive and my light touches seem to trigger them to press all the way down. For a laptop of this size the provided number and kind of interfaces is by all means satisfactory. General Packaged Quantity. Truthfully, the leakage is well in the range of sateellite. Video Output Graphics Processor.

Max Operating Temperature. Laptops with that size are somewhat rare, nowadays. Input and Output Ports The ports for the M are very nice, in my opinion. Slender, deft, and powerful, the Toshiba Satellite M provides satllite interesting way out of the dilemma of powerful components embedded toshiba satellite m display a rather slim case.

If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. How to Replace the Screen. The display cover yields under pressure. As is maybe expected of a laptop with the dual core processor, the M is a powerhouse of a multitasking monster.


Graphics Processor Series. Communications Wireless Protocol. The round edges are really attractive and comfortable.

The keys are definitely softand toshiba satellite m travel is rather longso typing is comfortable, however, unfortunately a toshiba satellite m too loud. Although there are numerous more powerful dual toshiba satellite m processors available, its performance is sufficient for working efficiently with office applications. Mine has constant excellent connectivity with my Linksys router, hp dvd 200i driver and I expect it would work just as well with satellite m other. The display cover is charcoal-gray.

This is satellite m really unique approach and a fun sateplite, as opposed to the satellite m windows network finder which is also an option, as always. During quicker typing, the possibility of typing mistakes increases especially at left-hand part of the keyboard. You can choose which folders toshiba satellite m display fingerprint access and online, you can set it so that the fingerprint software remembers all your passwords. System Platform Technology. Networking Max Transfer Rate.

Because it is widescreen, I was surprised at the size of the laptop. They are easy to press and make a nice sound.

We have extensive knowledge of the laptop-screen industry. The blue indicator lights fit well to the silver top case coating. Audio Output Compliant Standards. The panel above the keyboard, near the left speaker is not accurately built satellite m the battery satellihe.

Gaming does cause substantial heating, though. Simply turn the keyboard upside down and place it on the palm rest. Physical Characteristics Weight. Overall, system seems faster. Working with the battery decreases the brightness and contrast of the screen, as is normal and also diminishes processing power greatly.

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Optical Storage Drive Type. Does anyone have an explanation for the beeps and black screens? Memory Allocation Technology.

Or is the extra ram just wasted? Any problem caused by not having a top-of-the-line graphics card is probably resolved by the high end processing. Manufacturer Warranty Type.

The silver is a matte, toshbia metallic and it makes the computer feel more expensive than just plastic and looking closely, the shimmer is very pretty. Mine has constant excellent connectivity with my Linksys router, and I expect it would work just as well with any other. This is a major annoyance for me and my biggest complaint about this tohsiba, as odd as that may sound. To increase battery life further, you can decrease the brightness and turn off the wireless. Keyboard and Touchpad Note the nonstandard placement of the home, end, and delete keys, and the lack of a right ctrl.


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Display Resolution Abbreviation. This is a popular feature. Their placement is convenient, two on the right, one on the left, and one on the back. Video Memory Memory Allocation Technology.

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Even if you have the fingerprint reader disabled as I do, the safe stays secured. The standard speakers seriously lack power.