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The same applies for the inputs. Only the alsa-driver package. The Gang mode links the left and right faders of each channel together for easier stereo operation. Would deactivating bandwidht checking work for me too, then? Some styles failed to load.

In reply to this post by Frank Barknecht. So how good is this sound card? In reply to this post by Markus Herhoffer. We assume this happens since the same connector is being used for headphones and digital optical output.

In the current state of the driver, setting rates of up to kHz is permitted even for capture devices. The obvious cause is some misconfigured mixer control. After the installation is finished, you don't have to reboot. As always, the final choice is yours. Playback volume is very much ok.

Development is carried out by Rainer Zimmermann mail lightshed. In reply to this post by Harri Tuomela. Monitor Level Control Section This section can be used to control the input level. There haven't been any changes to this file.

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It adds new names for all four mixer controls. My problem is I can't get my Maya to play any sound from Alsa. For example on Debian, just create a file called e. This driver is being developed on the initiative of Piotr Makowski oponek gmail. It works as it is supposed too.

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Please try reloading this page, or contact support. If you have bandwidth checking enabled then certainly disable it it's well known that it's broken.

ESI - Knowledge Base / FAQ Can I use MAYA44 eX under Linux

Also from Windows, the capture volume with the Maya is louder so I guess I can rule out this being a problem with the device itself but rather with settings somewhere. Input Level Control Section This section controls the real input level through the input ports. If you are using Sarge, there are a few things you can try, but let me know first, as I don't want to waste your time.

Hm, now I'm a bit at loss. However, I added it into blacklist, but the problem still remains. You can control all the outputs using the single set of the stereo master faders, except the digital optical output. However because of the global sampling rate, this logic would be somewhat problematic.

It is possible to add a table to the driver to override these names. Search everywhere only in this topic. However, unfortunately it has turned out difficult to get detailed programming information, so I Rainer Zimmermann had to find out some card-specific information by experiment and conjecture.

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This code wasn't documented in the official list. Please don't fill out this field.

But you should check the settings for your hotplugd. Resources Blog Articles Deals. We didn't test the card's recording capabilities, but we haven't heard any complaints either.

Some similar things maybe go wrong in other areas as well, like channel count or sample format. Also note that the analog headphone output and the digital optical output share the same connector, i. This is an indication that the output levels work, handy for quick observation. Can I use some other tool rather than alsamixer or amixer to adjust this.

Headphone output combo jack with Optical output is also included to complete this fully functional portable audio solution. Deselect Gang if you need to control the left and right levels independently. All the people who shared their knowledge and time to help me - Respect. When I use my laptop's soundcard input the captured volume is much much louder. After disabeling this the card worked perfectly.

ESI - Knowledge Base / FAQ Can I use MAYA44 USB/USB under Linux

Probably you should just deactivate bandwith checking in the kernel config. Is this device connected through a hub?

As far as we know, there aren't any drivers for Linux. If these turn out to be unused, al2223w driver they will go away in later driver versions.