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Sure enough, the photos were eventually placed into OneNote so I could organize these notes by client or project. And it will continue to do so. Besides the OneNote plug-in, a few other suites are available. In fact, any regular sheet of paper can be your tablet. Wait, that sounds absurd - we already do have pens.

If Adapx integrates the pen with even more mainstream software in the future, your laptop might never leave the house again. Take it to the job site in the pouring rain.

What's more, is an automatic time stamp will show up on your OneNote page denoting the exact time you made the first stroke on any page. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Microsoft OneNote is required for the system to work, and it isn't included with the package itself. Writing on paper easy, fast, and allows for maximum creativity while you brainstorm the next big idea. This section in OneNote will always be a mirror image of what you have in the journal.

It doesn't have rings, so the papers are loose. Their attention to detail has paid off, the implementation is smooth and everything works flawlessly.

Trailers and Trailer Equipment. Fixing those line breaks and touching up the text manually is infinitely faster than transcribing everything from handwritten notes. The big benefit here is that your index of pages will always maintain its integrity as you continuously fill up your journal. Either way, regardless of if you convert your handwriting to digital text, OneNote automatically creates a searchable index in the background. Ideally, the Capturx system would work with the more-commonplace Microsoft Word, but the OneNote integration is superb.

Now that all of the notes I take at meetings can be digitized with Capturx, I'll be making the investment into a better zip up binder. That's the idea behind Adapx's Capturx pen-and-software packages, and it actually works very well. Adapx's Penx digital pen and Capturx plug-in for Microsoft OneNote isn't the first digital-pen package we've reviewed, but it may be the most useful of the devices thus far. You write with a pen on paper, plug the pen into a computer, asus n13219 graphics card drivers and have everything you've written converted into digital text. Use the digital pen to take notes or sketch as you normally would.

You can write on regular paper but it needs to have a special pattern of dots in the background. The digital pen, in combination with OneNote, makes for an awesome productivity enhnancing package. Nor would I be typing notes outside in the rain.

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Capturx Software automates paperwork

From there, the software takes over to facilitate the transfer of data from the pen to OneNote. Previously I had been scanning the notes from my meetings. Restart the virtual machine.

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Though there's only one version of the pen itself, different software packages bundled with the pen fit different job-centric needs. All the while keeping it in your briefcase, your backpack, or even a pocket.

Or squinting at a computer screen on a sunny day. Cons Expensive Requires special paper to work. Get a hole punch, some binders, and you can really maximize this digital pen to its fullest potential. To print the Capturx compatible pages, you click a special icon from within OneNote that is added upon installing the Capturx software. In this second screenshot, I've successfully imported the pen data to OneNote.

Along with the page numbers listed down the right hand side. There are no interim file formats to translate or redundant software for customers to install, learn and support. We've had them for centuries! Home Home Capturx Software automates paperwork. Capturx Software automates paperwork.

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The digital pen resting on the journal included with the product. More on the other packages in a minute.

As the pen writes, the handwriting is digitized and stored on the pen. After taking some notes in the journal and uploading your pen data to OneNote for the first time, you'll be delighted to see all of it organized in a mirror image of what you have in the journal.

Pros Converts handwritten notes to digital text Integrates with Microsoft Office programs. The pen also has built-in Bluetooth capabilities, although they don't interact with the OneNote package at the moment.

The OneNote package is the one most geared to commercial use and the one tested for this review. Forms are opened and printed in Excel. Moreover, field personnel make workflows more efficient without the cost, delays and risks from scanning, transcribing or losing paper documents. Capturx passes structured data from digital pens to applications in their native file formats, preserving any unique features or attributes of the data for each application.

Capturx A Digital Pen Solution for OneNote

The digital watermark is readable by digital pens and is unique to each application and file. Still, the writing-to-text conversion is an incredible time-saver and the secret sauce for this package. Plus - it's more portable than a laptop. With the benefit of an early sneak peek - I've had the opportunity to try out the device, integrate it into my workflow, and publish this in-depth review. And certainly more useful than a regular pen!