Arm355n Printer Driver

The procedure for installing the printer driver is explained here using Windows Me as an example. Top tray Printer, centos 6.5 ati es1000 driver copier and fax output can be delivered here.

Be sure to keep all operation manuals handy for reference. Operation Panel This is used to store, edit, and delete user names and folder names for the document filing function, and to configure the key operator programs and printer configuration settings.

To use the printer function, please read the following manuals. In particular, paper that has been printed on by a thermal transfer printer such as a word processor that uses a cassette may cause missing characters and smudges. Use the automatic document feeder when faxing a large number of sheet originals. This function is convenient for making copies for certification purposes and helps save paper.

Original Margin Shift Margins can be added to copies. Replace the extension phone. Attempting to print on these may cause misfeeds, inadequate toner adherence or other trouble. This feature is convenient for such purposes as distributing a report to company branches in different locations.

When auditing mode is enabled for the document filing function, G An account number must be entered to print an image that was scan-saved. Press the detach button and separate the saddle stitch finisher from the machine. Characters that can be entered are alphabetical characters, special characters, numbers, and symbols. Auditing Mode Enter your account number in the same way as for copy mode, and then begin the scanning procedure.

Both sides of two-sided originals can be scanned at once. This function is convenient when stapling or binding copies with a string. This manual explains how to install the printer driver and utilities required for the printer function. Touch the number key of the desired job program. Programming And Editing Paper Types Programming and editing paper types To program or edit the name of a paper type or set paper attributes, follow the steps below.

For key operator programs for general use of the machine, see the key operator's guide. Please read this chapter before using the fax features. This function is convenient for arranging copies into an attractive booklet or pamphlet. Prohibit notice page printing This program is used to disable notice page printing. This function is convenient when you frequently send documents, such as a daily report, to the same destination.

The paper tray selection screen will appear. Key Operator Programs The key operator programs for the fax function of the machine are explained here. The record includes the date of the transaction, the other party's name, the duration, and result. The print menu setting screen will appear.

The Transaction Report informs you of the result of the operation. Use a network cable that is shielded. This page shows features related to the copy function. User names and custom folders are created and edited at the operation panel of the machine or in the Web page.

When the paper size is not specified in the application, the paper size setting in the printer driver is used. For items that can be set in the printer driver, perform the settings in the printer driver. Touch this key to set the subject and file name. By storing frequently used copy settings in a job program, you can eliminate the bother of selecting the settings each time you use them for a copy job.

Doing so may cause a misfeed. Please read those sections that are of interest to you. The settings are changed in the software application. When no further folders can be created, delete unneeded folders page and then create a new folder.

This function can be conveniently used in an office or other workplace where there is another fax machine connected to a different phone line. Be sure to become thoroughly familiar with this manual to. The cartridge package contains three cartridges approx. Place the original in the document feeder tray or on the document glass. Print this list when you wish to check the activity record.

Arm355n printer driverArm355n printer driver

Four selections each are available for the date format and the character that separates the year, month, and day. The paper is automatically turned over during copying, allowing two-sided copies to be made with ease. When a key is touched, a beep will sound and the key will be highlighted to indicate that it is selected. Page Install the software as follows. This function is especially useful when copying books and other bound documents.

Sharp AR-M355N Operation Manual

An optional hole punching unit is available for installation into the finisher. Be sure to read this chapter whenever you encounter a problem. The settings and buttons in this screen are explained below. Two types of insert paper can be used. Two selections are available for the size of the stamp.

Arm355n printer driverArm355n printer driver

When you need to fax more pages than can be loaded in the automatic document feeder, use Job Build mode. Unlatch the module and gently move the module away from the machine. The polling function allows your machine to call a fax machine that has document data set and initiate reception of the document.

Original Place the original on the document glass. Four pages are, therefore, copied onto one sheet. The stapling positions, orientation, paper size for stapling, and stapling capacity are shown below. Before starting the installation, make sure the parallel interface cable is not connected to the machine. About The Web Pages for The Administrator Use this to set up a schedule for sending specified count information such as the total count and the output counts for the printer and copy functions.