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Logitech have their own accel options, and might be a better idea. The result is saved to a file and can optionally be imported into the registry. If the game allows Raw Input, then enable that.

Th windows text size was in default. The Control Panel, Mouse, pointer speed slider position that will be used. Thx for the answers so far. Where you want to save the fix to and what name.

There is not reason to go back to the WindowsDefault between. This new processing can affect some games games that don't use Raw Input and don't use DirectInput. The re-positioning shows up in MouseMovementRecorder as red then green, or in your case all green. No smoothing, just a sudden jump, doubling of pointer speed.

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What I want to do is double the vertical sensitivity. So it does appear do be working correctly except for an oocasional single red result. Is there still no way to do it so it stays closer to or without dropping as much?

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The curves in regedit dont matter aslong as my accel is completely turned off? When I used win I'm pretty sure I had hz. It will be jerky, and sometimes I can't even move it from side to side at all. While running a game, you may see many red and green lines.

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5225. Artisti/B ndi-Cetju - KOOSTE

Maybe it is just the feelings and it is wrong. The standard Windows curve?

How do i go about installing mousefix without resetting computer to install it? Hope is clear what i've done for Mr. When I tried it has prefilled num. If that doesn't make sense, let me know what numbers and colours you are seeing. Hey mark in this afternoon I upload a screen shot of mousemovementrecorder.

There isn't any decent ones, what I do is mirror the default key binds across the keyboard, E. Also, if i change the pointer speed either in Windows or in the mouse driver, pioneer dvdrw dr kd08hb ata drivers will it negate the effects made by the fix?

None I can't say anything about SetPoint lag. The sensitivity is just a scaling multiplier factor used to make the mouse movement slower or faster. Next might be to try logging out, rather than rebooting. MouseMovementRecorder shows red and greens.

Left handed gaming Started by lewis. If you see a lot green, try a Hz and repeat. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. When using the fix builder, enter the in-game monitor refresh rate, rather than the desktop refresh rate if they are different.

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Source and other Source games, do use -useforcedmparms and don't use -noforcemspd. Bluetooth headphone only recognized as hands-free Started by kemal. Bluetooth headphone only recognized as hands-free. Microsoft have a December Windows Update Rollup that includes a fix for those games, which will be automatically installed when you have Windows Update set to install updates automatically. Just as some games turn it on when you don't want them to, we can turn it on manually to test that the fix is working properly.

Accelfix is better at disabling dpi and refresh rate scaling, but Fix Builder is better at disabling pointer speed slider scaling. Cranness, thank you very much for your hard work on Windows mouse acceleration and all the projects you have, and are, working on. Do I need this fix for Source engine games?

It showed only hz max my mouse is set hz on drivers. Ihad no problem with win xp, even with anir mouse driver.

But I guess that wouldnt make sense either. Will I have to reinstall every time I want to change something? The fix is still working correctly. Then I use the new method to re-calculate SmoothY from SmoothX, and double check that the target value is actually hit.

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Hey Mark, I installed your fix, and I had an issue. Sometimes games also add acceleration, sometimes they don't, it depends on the game. Is there no way to do this?

Hi i have one question, when i use mouse mouvement recorder on my desktop nothing to report. It doesn'T show any red or green at all. Because of the problems compensating for the rounding, I instead started with SmoothY, and calculated SmoothX from that. Often games continually re-centre the mouse pointer to the middle of the screen while also hiding the Windows mouse pointer. Regarding GameFront, I'm in Canada so it's on the list.

If you want, you can run the MouseMovementRecorder. So if I got this right now. Is the fix applied or not?